About Our Company
CB-L 44640 (Class M-K-D) & DB-U 63218

Millar Projects was orignally founded to provide a complete service to clients across multiple divisions. For over 16 years it has driven outcomes in Industrial, Commercial and Domestic markets for local and international businesses.

Continually expanding and changing we have overseen a diverse range of operations and projects, from 24 hour chemical manufacturing sites and recycling facilities to high end hotel and entertainment developments across Australia and SE Asia.

We use modern systems, are available at many hours others are not and will work in difficult and testing conditions , both political and environmental, to get the job done.

We work smart and push for results from all involved.

Our portfolio and references are extensive and can be supplied upon request.


Craig Millar

Company Founder

Craig Millar is an entrepreneur & commercial/domestic builder who as has experience on most types of construction for major tier 1 builders to private domestic clients.

Craig has an extensive portfolio of work and projects covering Commercial, Retail, Heath, Housing, Government, and Industrial, coupled with Management, Project Direction, Construction Feasibility and Project Costing.

Craig is also currently completing a Bachelor of Engineering, Civil (Honours) at Victoria University.

Hands on experience cannot be learnt or taught, it has to be lived. I began on the tools and have moved form the site to the boardroom over time and with the support and guidance of succesful partners and mentors have developed and extensive network that can solve almost any problem and build almost anything.

Set me a challenge.