Construction Consultancy

Whether you are at the start, the middle or resolving issues at defect stage, we have the expertise and skills to both understand and solve your problems. Location and scope is not an issue with experience and contacts overseas and specifically South East Asia and New Zealand. The ablity to understand the build process from hands on experience through to corporate oversight gives the company a unique and specialist skill set to offer you and your project. We can drive from client side or join your team to advise and support.

In this global market we can’t all be in the same place at the same time and for many occasions it costs far more than it produces. We are able to liase and co-ordinate design and construction teams across multiple countries and language barriers.


Millar projects prides itself on using modern systems and programs to get the best results and minimise defects and clashes and specifically BIM and 3D modelling . BIM and Autodesk 360 reduces on site issues and improves trade knowledge and performance during the build process.

Turnkey Project Management

The management of the project is not just about co-ordinating the process and consultants , through to builders and trades. It about delivering a building that works and is compliant. It’s important that teams such as architects, engineers, construction managers, head contractors and subcontractors truly grasp the concept prior to tendering process beginning.

Many companies claim to be project managers, though few are both registerd builders and engineering consultants.

The companys history is across all construction types for major builders in direct involvement from design and feasibility, through to meeting architectural intent to facilitate the client’s needs, balanced with value engineering and compliance across multiple trade integration. Experience is on projects from carparks to casinos.

Custom Development strategy

Knowing what to build is as important as knowing how to build, and understanding the market will give you the result from your investment. The process can take some time, so we will work closely with you and ensure the end result is what the market is looking for also. We have advisors and partners who can show you the best options for your investment and development.

On site Services

Millar Projects and our teams are licenced and insured for the following services.

  • Commercial & Domestic
  • Engineering & Design
  • Carpentry & Formwork
  • Concrete & Civil
  • Steel and Welding
  • Cranes & Rigging
  • Plumbing & Electrical



At MMC Consulting we are specialists in the MMC industry and its many benefits. We work with developers, architects, builders, manufactures and engineers to help them better understand exactly what modern methods of construction really is and how to maximise the full benfits of its deployment in their business. We are an end to end capable firm that can both drive your project and resolve issues on current devlopments.